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Clients, Sales & Services
provides marketing and sales automation, client and contact management, product and contract management, service automation and BI tools. It has one version dedicated to corporate client business and another one devoted to retail business.
Contracts & Projects
can be used for different types of business projects such as construction, professional service, OEM , BPO and IT. It can help you manage clients, contracts, projects, resources, deliverable quality, acceptance, billing-and-payment and profit-and-loss.
Suppliers & Procurement
can help you manage supplier lifecycle, product catalog, sourcing, purchasing, warehouse & inventory, logistics, delivery quality, settlement, fixed asset, supplier portal, supplier & procurement analytics, report center, EDMS and avoid dark purchasing, control risks and costly procurement mistakes.
Resource Management
To truly understand what resources are available, you need easy access to a knowledge base that includes the availability, limitations, skills, and locations of all people and material inventory in the company-wide repository. You can use to achieve this and increase the potential for managers to assemble the best possible teams for production.
EDMS & Office Management
allows your teams to collaborate with the right documentation at the right time in the secure manner. You company can reduce the chances of defects and miscommunication. also allows your company to standardize all office processes and document templates and use the electronic processes to regulate organizational behaviors.
Human Capital Management
allows you to hire top talents, train and mentor employees, streamline communications and provide adequate performance feedback. By catering to employee needs and facilitating their development, enables your employees to perform better and stay connected to their organization in a happier and healthier way.
WIP Financial Management
Work In Progress (WIP) Financial Mgt. is the real-time finance connectivity to your WIP workflows in demand chain, project portfolio, production and supply chain. WIP Financial Mgt. can provide you the incremental view on work progress, resource consumption, time & cost consumption and revenue earning at any given time. Without this complete and just-in-time information, it would be hard for you to determine estimation-to complete with your newly devised methods even if you have above-average experience in the field. Many projects go wrong over and over again because they are vague in their status quo. In other words, WIP Financial Mgt. is the key in decision support -- no good information, no good decisions.
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