What is ?
stands for 8Manage. It is off-the-shelf and customizable enterprise software.
Over 500 corporations in Asia using our CRM, SRM, PPM, Timesheet, EDMS, HCM …
You can use our standard modules (SaaS or on-premises)
or have us customize our existing modules or develop new modules for you
What we do?
We've successfully provided quality enterprise
software services to over 500 corporations.
We're led by people who have extensive experience in the N.A., Europe and Asia.
We help companies, both big and small, to do digital transformation.
Who uses ?
Startup Companies
We have helped over 100 startups on digitalization. Every startup is different and we provide what a startup needs most first and then help it grow its digitalization capabilities incrementally.
High Tech Product Producers
We have helped over 100 high tech product producers achieve (i) first time right on product realization, (ii) end to end traceability, (iii) user centric production and (iv) advancing workforce maturity.
Pharmaceutical Companies
We have helped tens of pharmaceutical companies better manage their drug testing and control their manufacturing processes with greater product monitoring, visualization, and remote data access.
Professional Service Firms
We have helped over 50 professional service firms to advance their (i) planning and forecasting, (ii) talent management and development, (iii) resource management and staffing, (iv) client and project profitability management and (v) billing and revenue management.
Hardware & Software Vendors
We customized our off-the-shelf CRM, Project Management and Service Management products to provide integrated solutions for IT service automation and business management for the large IT service firms.
Manufacturing Enterprises
We have helped our manufacturing customers to create the digital twins for their predictive production monitoring and control, real-time analytics for continuous improvement, marketing to new customers and training new employees.
Fintech Companies
We developed CRM with bank’s CIF, marketing, sales and service desk features for financial institutes. The system is used by 10,000 bank employees to record the interactions and transactions of over 1 million bank customers.
Construction Companies
Construction companies use our products for customer management, collaboration and task management, contracting and subcontracting, document management, work-in-progress financial management, real-time analytics and dashboards.
We architected and developed comprehensive project management systems to be used by multiple groups of 100,000 users. The systems were customized for the specific needs of each user group.
Telecommunication Companies
We developed the specialized solution to manage over 100 carriers for international calls from/to any provinces of a big country to/from over 120 other countries.
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