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8MSaaS Service Management Advantages
8MSaaS Service Management is based on ITSM and ITIL standards and is suitable for both IT and non-IT industries.
Advantages of non-IT industries
  • Service center management
  • Product warranty management
  • Spare parts management
Incident Management
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Warranty management
  • Service level agreement (SLA) management
  • Task assignment and monitoring
Problem Management
  • Problem record
  • Problem investigation
  • Resolution proposal
  • Implementation
  • Acceptance and closure
Change Management
  • Ensure that the benefits and risks of all proposed changes are evaluated and all impacts are considered
  • Determine the priority of changes and allocate limited resources to the changes that generate the greatest benefits based on business needs
  • All changes are required to be fully tested, and each deployment includes a rollback plan to restore the state of the environment if the deployment fails
  • Ensure that the configuration management system is updated to reflect the impact of the change
Configuration & Asset Management
  • Configuration items (CI) are all components that need to be managed to deliver services
  • Support the entire service or system (including all hardware, software, documentation and support personnel) to a single software module or minor hardware component
  • Collect and maintain accurate and organized records of CIs in the environment to prevent configuration errors
  • Provide effective information to facilitate employees to verify CI information on a regular basis
Service Catalog
The service catalog provides the following clear information:
  • Service name
  • Service description
  • Service type
  • Service level
  • Service fee
  • Service hours
  • Service support
Can bring you the following benefits:
  • Centralized management of requests
  • Simplify the user service acquisition process
  • Provide self-service
  • Improve business processes
  • Better control of the process
  • Supply standardization
  • Lower the cost Improve financial management
  • Improve customer satisfaction