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8MSaaS PM Advantage
High professional PM system for business project, technical project, program and portfolio mgt
Real-time reliable information to increase accountability and effectiveness
Reliable Project Info
  • Similar to using CDM/ATM, the current status is accurate and the past interaction and transaction records are incorruptible.
  • Automatically tracks the interactions and changes in every activity and deliverable and generate audit trail.
Connect project and business
  • Contract and Project Integrated Mgt
  • Control the contract execution, delivery, cost, revenue and profitability with project
  • One contract can represent one or more projects
  • Plan and track resource skills and usage in real-time
  • Requirements communications & changes are managed together
  • Cost management is accurate, integrated and portfolio
Automatic Warning
  • Automatic tracking and reporting of issues and risks
  • Automatically detect the overdue project activities, overspending, overloaded resources and inform the project-related personnel
Dynamic Real-time WBS
  • Displays a single view of accurate plan & execution info to everyone in real-time
  • Project plan and execution are inseparable (always linked together by the system)
  • Any info changes, other relevant info is updated automatically
Mobile PM, Increase Efficiency
  • Approve projects, track progress anytime and anywhere
  • Assign work, submit project progress and allocate resources by phone
  • Focus project members on the most important actions