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for New Era of Retail

Consumers are embracing the digital technology and the following paradigm shifts are occurring in today’s new era of retail:

  • Mobile becoming the front door
  • Seamless shopping experience
  • The arrival of the subscription economy
  • Using behavior analytics to understand markets and direct sales

8MSaaS provides the following features for businesses to deal with the paradigm shifts:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Data collection & deeper analytics
  • Seamless shopping experience (Integration of online and offline)
  • Subscription business
  • Smartphone-Tablet POS
  • Connecting the team & task management
Mobile Marketing

People spend more that 4 hours daily on their mobile phone. The time spent on the phone is mix of time spent on social media, e-commerce, searching and browsing. This provides a clear and important opportunity to capture the attention of consumers.

8MSaaS provides the following features for mobile marketing: 

Mobile-first Indexing

8MSaaS provides the framework to create a site that can reflect the proper content and perform well. Pages can be loaded quickly and use responsive design – meaning that the site senses what size and shape device it’s being loaded on.

The framework controls the photos and text to be appeared where they should and the buttons need to work with touch screens.

Social Media Marketing

8MSaaS is fully linked with WeChat and capabilities are completely customizable. You can select from intricate demographics including everything from profession to interest to geographic location. This sort of targeting option helps to ensure that your brand is spending its advertising dollars on only the most relevant users that are going to be most likely to have an interest in your brand and follow up with a purchase


8MSaaS allows you to leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective clients. 8MSaaS allows you to personalized contents for individual or a selective demographical group. Personalized marketing gives customers a sense of identity. They cease to be one of the masses, and instead become an individual with unique wants and needs.

Mobile Pay

Mobile marketing and mobile commerce often go hand-in-hand. Consumers are using mobile pay to purchase items after they like what they see in mobile marketing. 8MSaaS supports various mobile payment methods to allow you to link mobile commerce with your mobile marketing seamlessly.

Lead Nurturing

Leads come in many forms form different channels, such as organic online leads, newsletter signups, event participants, new customers, social leads, B2B leads and more. 8MSaaS CRM provide you the information such as when your leads have entered the pool, how often you have engaged and nurtured them and what steps you can vet them.

8MSaaS CRM help you to segment your clients into groups sorted by age group, gender, professional fields, income level, interests, spending history and so on so that your marketers and sales agents are able to communicate with your clients in the best suitable way.

Guiding a lead through the buying process is the key in successful sales operation. 8MSaaS CRM can help you to nurture, guide and catalog decisions made through the process will allow you to see both the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales process.

8MSaaS CRM can also provide you deep insights into how many clients visited your online stores and leave without placing an order for items that they added to their cart and your system can send polite reminders or your sales team follow-up with calls.

Data Collection & Deeper Analytics

Collecting client data is the single most important key in your marketing strategy. Without data and analytics, you’re marketing blindly, hoping to reach your target audience or persona. Even after clients are acquired, they are ever changing. What your customers loved five years ago isn’t what they want today.  To stay in touch, you need to constantly collect data to continue marketing to your existing clients.

Client data gives you the opportunity to improve your client experience and in turn improve your client satisfaction and revenue. 8MSaaS CRM allows you to collect the following types of client data:

Communication Related

  • Client name
  • Contact types and details – email id, physical address, phone number
  • Source of acquisition

. . .

Transaction Related

  • Items purchased
  • Value of the sale
  • Time of purchase

. . .

Interaction Related

  • Does the client respond to the emails and sales calls?
  • What categories of topics of the e-DM or e-Survey does the client respond most often?
  • Record of calls made to the help desk

. . .

Client Profile

  • Birthday of the client
  • Region
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Income levels

. . .


  • Survey results the customer has taken
  • Complaints the customer has left
  • The products that were returned

. . .

According to survey, 65% of consumers are happy to share their information in exchange for more targeted marketing and 67% are willing to share their data if they receive some form of benefit, such as discounts, it is up to you to make the client data and deeper analytics to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and clients’experience.

Seamless Shopping Experience
(Integration of Online & Offline)

In the new era of retail, consumers want to shop on their terms, through the channels they choose and with the information that they control.

8MSaaS provides you a framework to integrate your online and offline stores, products and services so that the degree of seamless that your client will experience is totally under your control.

Subscription Business

8MSaaS provide you the following features to manage your subscription business and service delivery: 

Before eContract is established

  • Establishing a new eContract of a pre-defined type with each new client subscription
  • Specifying (or altering from pre-defined) terms-and-conditions in the eContract that the system will automatically track

After eContract is established

  • Automatic or manual-triggered delivery accordingly to the transaction-contents and terms-and-conditions of eContract
  • Automatic tracking of Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Automatic issuing of invoices and tracking of payments
  • Automatic alerting of renewal

8MSaaS also support master-and-sub eContract models for the support of more sophisticated subscription models.

Smartphone-Tablet POS

The 8MSaaS mobile POS is both affordable and easy to use, and do more than just process sales and accept payments, as they include time-saving features that help you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory, staff and clients. It also has integration for email marketing, loyalty programs, and other capabilities that make it easier to run and grow your business.

Connecting The Team & Task Management

A business is only as good as its core team. 8MSaaS provides team chat and tagging and allow your entire team to access to your analytics, client data, trends and more and can chat in real-time with file-sharing while reviewing any pertinent data from their end. This equates to time saved, progress achieved and productivity enhanced.

8MSaaS also supports simple task management and allow your team to work effectively on projects.