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New Generation Enterprise
Management Software

We provide state-of-the-art and best-price-performance integrated enterprise management software.

The market supply of modern enterprise management software has been limited by its lengthy and costly development and the lack of supply of experienced designers who know both the current management practices and state-of-the-arts software design.  Consequently, even 12-18 years old enterprise SaaS vendors are covering only one enterprise management area such as CRM or HCM and well-established enterprise software vendors are still selling software that were written in COBOL or languages as old.


The economy of real-time business-straight-thru on mobile internet is driving the new needs not only for adding mobile app interface but real-time straight-thru-processing across functional areas such as CRM, PPM, SPM, Finance, O2O and HCM.  For example, a sales contract can automatically trigger the start of a project or production, resource allocations, procurements, service initiations, KPI recalculations, commission & wage recalculations and financial updates.  The creation of modern enterprise management software is more than just breaking the walls of existing modules but designing all modules to work together from day one.


8Manage was 100% written in Java/J2EE and designed for real-time business-straight-thru from day one.We are providing highly customable private cloud enterprise application for our customers.

8Manage has the best price-performance and lowest cost-of-ownership for its customers because its One Design One System architecture totally eliminates the cross-module inefficiencies in system integration and execution.


It tremendously saves application, infrastructure, administration and maintenance costs and yet allows higher flexibility by providing powerful self-customization features such as user-defined policies, fields, search criteria, screens and flows and point-and-click report generators.

Our Highest Value Products Are:
PPM ( Project & Portfolio Mgmt. )
FAS ( Full Automation Suit )

8Manage PPM can provide the most reliable project information and automated tracking

8Manage PPM functionality is second to none but it provides the highest productivity gain to its users based on its superior architecture which allows :

  • Much higher degree of project information integrity
  • Current plan always reflects the up-to-the-last-minute status of each deliverable and milestone

Therefore, even the users using a small portion of 8Manage PPM functionality, they will still see noticeable difference.


In most PPM tools, a project plan is a formatted e-document which allows a high degree of data massage by humans. In 8Manage PPM, a project plan is a set of formatted instructions and execution logs which allows very little data massage by humans. Since reliable and timely project information can reinforce human discipline and performance, the productivity gain is quite obvious even for small-size projects adopting to 8Manage PPM. For large projects, 8Manage PPM can totally avoid its execution becoming a black hole and the productivity gain is very significant from that stand point.

8Manage FAS provides real-time integrated business map

FAS is with integrated management design for the following modules altogether for knowledge-base (non-manufacturing) enterprises:


Our light-weight one-design-one-system technology allows a small-to-medium size business to own and use its multiple enterprise management modules for the price of one. Each module consists of comprehensive and solid functionality which have been used by over 150 enterprises and proven. FAS was created with the latest open systems language and architecture (Java/J2EE/N-tier) and can run on mobile internet on your PC servers on premises or infrastructure and platform cloud that you rent and be accessed via browsers or mobile phones/pads in anywhere at anytime.


The older enterprise management application packages are so expensive to buy, customize, implement and maintain because of their old designs and technology baggage. FAS is customizable via the tools that we provide or the customization services done by us or our service partners.


Large enterprises can also benefit from FAS’ cross business line, region and organization management. Your Existing Systems + FAS = Fast, Young and Flexible since FAS already has the proven enterprise integration framework inside that can interface with any of your existing modules to provide the integrated solution for your organization in a faster and inexpensive fashion.

Our History

WisageTech is an enterprise management product company which was founded in 2004 and started its innovation in business-straight-thru and integrated enterprise management. It designed all modules to work together from day one and successfully developed its products and grew its enterprise customer base to virtually 0 in 2007 to over 200 today.

What 8Manage Can Do For You ?

8Manage helps you manage your business and operations in a straight-thru manner. It can provide you:

  • Business and operations straight-thru
  • Project straight-thru
  • App and browser interfaces
  • All modules were designed to work together on a single database
  • Real-time integrated data with the multi-level drill-down capability
  • Strong self-customization capability

8Manage together with our services can provide you the highest efficient customization as needed.

Helps to make wise decision
See the whole picture at a glance
Constantly improve work efficiency
Integration brings about cost-savings
Happy Customers Made Us Successful
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