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Cloud Business Trading
Cloud Business Trading

We specialize in designing, developing and supporting the following types of special high end systems to be used by millions of institutional users on cloud for the trading, settlement and service delivery of products such as commodities, consumer goods, financial products , medical services and telecom products:

  • Cloud trading and settlement systems
  • Cloud exchanges
  • Cloud managed service systems
  • Cloud ecosystems


Our leading designers have extensive experience in working in world’s top exchanges and can rapidly develop the above types of systems because we have:

  • Already developed trading, service and settlement systems that we can use to bootstrap
  • Leaders who have the commodities, financial and telecom products trading, service and settlement experience
  • A proven development team that successfully delivered over 20 million lines of Java/AngularJS cloud applications on cloud


This types of systems usually is highly customized to your needs. If you are interested in discussing this type of projects with our leader, please contact StephenLaw@Wisagetech.com.