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Cross Function & Multi Line-Of-Business, Subsidiary and Country Mgt

8MSaaS was architecturally designed to support enterprises ranging from single-company structure to multinational, multi-company, multi-subsidiary, multi-LOB and multi-unit structure.  It has a consistent organizational model for partial or fully owned entities, subsidiaries, LOB, manufacturing plants, facilities (e.g., distribution centers, warehouses) , stores, franchises and sub-units of different types for online and offline businesses and be able to aggregate the information of each based on the ownership percentage and type to their parents of different types in real-time.

8MSaaS was also architecturally designed to support multi-lingual, multicurrency, multi-jurisdiction, multi-calendar and multi-settlement-method pre-sales, sales, post-sales, pre-procurement, procurement and post-procurement activities in real-time as well as  multi-portfolio (strategy) management.

Cross Function & Organization Mgt

Divisions and departments of an enterprise often need to work together across functional areas. But too often that doesn’t happen because people don’t share the same information and priorities when they work with tower vision. 8MSaaS allows digital strategies, priority settings, projects, assignments and operational activities across functional areas or organizations. Most importantly, 8MSaaS allows real-time information flow and decision-making mgt across organizations. The big picture or integrated views with cause-and-effect relationship information help foster cross function cooperation and problem solving.

Given two people with the same level of intelligence, one is able and the other one is unable to see cause-and-effect relationships of decisions, work and results will make the biggest difference in their judgment and effectiveness.

Multi Line-Of-Business Mgt

8MSaaS can support multiple lines of business (LOB) across industries with or without shared operations and centralized policy and financial control. 8MSaaS can cater for the following major types of LOB:

  • Standardized or consumer product
  • Non-standardized product and service

Since multi-LOB also implies multi-industry, 8MSaaS also support user-defined product types for different industries.

Standardized or Consumer Product

8MSaaS can support standardized or consumer product business marketing, sales and settlements. For example, a French in Australia is buying a Japanese product to be shipped to Canada and the fulfillment is being done in China in real-time. Supporting the end-to-end process of the standardized a standardized or consumer product business in real-time will require the computerization of not only the store front for the seller but the operations and settlements for multiple parties.

Non-standardized Product & Service

Non-standardized product and service businesses often requires sophisticated pre-transaction and post-transaction support for both the buyer and seller. If the delivery involves multiple parties overtime, it would most likely require project-based delivery. For example, a stock exchange in China is buying a mission critical trading system from Germany and it requires project-based product and service delivery based on the contractual service level agreement and on-going maintenance support and major release upgrades.

Non-standardized product and service deals often imply the following:
  • Non-standardized value proposition, approach and pricing
  • Non-standardized terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Non-standardized measurement of the deliveries

8MSaaS was designed to support non-standardized product and service deals by providing the computerization of planning, committing and tracking of the following for multiple parties (e.g., seller, partner, buyer).

  • Value propositions, approaches and prices at pre-transaction
  • Contractual terms, conditions and commitments
  • Ad-hoc or project-based deliveries and acceptance at post-transaction

Non-standardized product and service deals often involve tendering at pre-transaction. 8MSaaS provides the computerization of the full tendering process for both the requestor and bidders.

Multi Subsidiary & Multinational Mgt

8MSaaS Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) provides the N-layer multinational, multi-subsidiary, multi-LOB, multi-factory, multi-facility, multi-region, multi-store, multi-site, multi-division, multi-department and multi-jurisdiction hierarchy to represent the organizations and different views for different reporting structures (e.g., primary, project-oriented, LOB, IT) of an enterprise. OBS with Business & Operations Breakdown Structure (BBS) and Financial Breakdown Structure (FBS) form the multi-dimensional backbone hierarchy for enterprise data connectivity, policy enforcement, information aggregation, alert, escalation and reporting. An organization in OBS once created will immediately contain the following associated screens, functionality and data:

  • Revenue, cost and asset & liability
  • Product
  • Campaign, opportunity, contract and order
  • Project, service ticket, change request
  • HR

Each organization in OBS has its own data access rights and other organizations ( except ancestors) can’t view or modify its data unless it explicitly grant the rights to do so. Therefore, each organization in OBS can own its products, marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, sales orders, procurement plan/PR, PO, procurement contract and projects etc.

Multi-channel Management
8MSaaS was designed to support the management of all marketing, sales and supply channels. For marketing channels, 8MSaaS supports the planning and tracking of the following types of campaigns:
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Banner advertizing
  • Print advertizing
  • Content marketing
  • Event marketing

For sales channels, 8MSaaS supports both the online & offline and direct & indirect types of sales channels. For supply channels, 8MSaaS supports manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retail, VAR and contractor types of supply channels.

Multi-portfolio (Strategy) Management

8MSaaS can align projects with business objectives and strategies and meet time, resource and cost constraints and legal obligations at the same time. 8MSaaS can assemble sets of business and project elements to a program or portfolio and disassemble a program or portfolio into sets of business and project elements in real-time. In other words, 8MSaaS uses symmetry of business rules and computer speed to manage business and project elements in fine-grained level and aggregate them back to higher or highest level as needed in real-time. The granularity and timing of visibility and control are important since a commitment is late one day at a time and a budget is overrun one item at a time. Being able to be alerted the variance from the lowest level to the highest level of business elements in real-time time can possibly decide the success or failure of a business.

8MSaaS has built-in sales, procurement, project & portfolio management and management accounting functions and can perform project-based sales and procurement and can compute and aggregate financial information to generate income statement, account receivable, account payable and cash flow reports each LOB individually or all LOB collectively in real-time.

8MSaaS provides the highest level of decision support for the leaders, support for accountability management for the mid-level managers and support for self-management discipline for the working level.