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Purchase Request

We will deal with different types of procurement in our daily work. 8Manage e-Procurement can help you manage the following types of procurement requirements easily and effectively:

  • Centralized procurement (centralized required quantity to win the best price)
  • Departmental procurement (user department purchase directly
  • Large procurement (can trigger a formal tender process with 8Manage)
  • Commonly used products procurement (e.g.: high-volume purchases, regular purchases)
  • Emergency goods or fresh food procurement
To be used with centralized and/or departmental procurement
8Manage Purchase Request (PR) can be used for any department to  request items to be purchased by the procurement department.

If what intended to be purchased is a piece of specialized equipment or service and should be managed within the request department who has the specialized knowledge, 8Manage PR can also be used in the following way:

To be used for aggregation

8Manage PR can be used by the  higher level organization or the centralized procurement department to aggregate  purchase requests of the same items from different departments to  form a higher volume purchase request for the purpose of negotiating better prices and/or reducing costs.

To be used for quick quotation and price comparison
8Manage PR can be used for soliciting quotations from different suppliers in real-time and then compare their prices, delivery dates and other aspects.

8Manage PR can also be used for conducting real-time reverse auction. The user can set up one or multiple rounds of reverse auction and the system will automatically notify the selected suppliers for each round and control its start and close.  During each round of reverse auction, each supplier will see its dynamic ranking when itself or other contenders.

To be used to trigger a formal tender process

8Manage PR  and its rule-driven control process can be used as the preamble of request-for-information, request-for-proposal and request-for-quotation types of tendering.  Since 8Manage PR is the important control mechanism between an user group and the central procurement department or between business domain experts and procurement, financial  and legal experts, it can be used to ensure the request organization has the proper budgets and controls before the start of the formal tendering process.

To allow the requestor to use the inventory first


8Manage PR can be used for any department to  request items that might be partially or fully in stock.  The user is allowed to view the inventory information and generate inventory request for the needed items.  If not all the item quantities are available, the user  can click the “PO Generation” command and a  purchase order for the missing item quantities will be automatically generated .

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