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China Mobile Communications Corporation Zhuhai Branch

China Mobile Zhuhai successfully automates strategic planning and program execution to drive operating excellence with 8Manage.
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China Mobile is the largest among all overseas listed Chinese companies and among all telecom carriers in Asia with annual sales exceeding $52B. China Mobile Zhuhai provides wireless communications and network services to 2 million users in Guangdong and has over 1,100 employees.

Critical Issue 

Every year China Mobile executives plan and communicate the corporate strategic objectives to focus their operating leaders on key initiatives. The found that while strategic planning was straightforward, strategic execution was quite complicated. The core challenge was establishing visibility, alignment and accountability from corporate strategy to the tactical programs, projects and committed resources to accomplish them. Without this it was impossible to track and hold people accountable for performance.

Solution Needed 

Executives wanted a common platform for strategic planning and operational execution. They believed that by automating strategic planning and project/program management processes they would transform organizational governance and drive operating excellence to new levels. What they really wanted was a solution where they could see top-level strategy and drill-down into the subordinate programs, projects, tasks and services. Performance data should be dynamic and available in real-time. Finally, the system must be simple enough to implement broadly across the company, but powerful enough to accommodate complex program requirements and methodologies.

We Provided 

WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage PM/PMO software helped them achieve these capabilities. 


• Fully automated, integrated and standardized strategic planning, program management and resource management processes
• Drove higher ROI on Zhuhai program portfolio by eliminated non-strategic, low priority and underperforming projects
• Improved all key program performance indicators (KPI) including cost, schedule and quality metrics