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Supplier Relationship Management

A successful enterprise usually has win-win long-term relationships with its suppliers. But, for non-consumer product s and services, buyer’s dependency on vendors increases when the products and services that it depends upon are non-standard and specialized. For example, the trading and settlement systems of an exchange are specialized and their uptime can be heavily affected by whether the exchange has the know-how of managing its vendors that it heavily depends upon.

Therefore, managing vendor relationships become crucial and 8MSaaS provides tools for the enterprise to better manage supplier relationships.

Tracking all key interactions and promises

In order to maintain good long-term relationship with its vendors, the enterprise must maintain corporate memory (not individual memory) of its key interactions and promises with its vendors. 8MSaaS provides facility to record the enterprise’s interactions and promises with each vendor and view them in chronological order.

The easy and clear tracking of what have been discussed and promised helps reinforce that people of the same corporate to have corporate memory and speak with the same tongue.

Vendor as a team member

Communication is very key in nurturing relationships. 8MSaaS provides social sharing, real-time chat and discussion forum communication tools for outsourcing activities.

8MSaaS also allows the staff of the enterprise and outsourcers to directly involve and work together in outsourcing projects and programs as team members.

Tracking all issues

8MSaaS allows centralized tracking of issues and actions and provides automated alerts and escalations.

Outsourcing Risk Management

8MSaaS automatically detects systemic risks of outsourcing projects and programs, and provides an integrated risk register for recording user-identified risks and tracking them to closure

Outsourcing Issue Management

8MSaaS provides the following functions to track issues and actions to closure:

  • Multi-level issue aggregation and tracking
  • Critical issue management
  • Emergency management
Managing reward and punishment

8MSaaS’s real-time contractual service level agreement management functions can detect any discrepancies between what have been promised and what have been delivered at the earliest possible time to avoid the building-up of over-promising and under-delivering.

8MSaaS’s real-time contractual service level agreement management functions also supports rewards and penalties based on KPI results. The real-time performance-base rewards and penalties help reinforce the enterprise and its vendors to keep their promises or they will face the consequences.

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